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Wilmor's Southern Pride

Jesse 2nd Place, Rainbow Bridge Males, VSS Jesse

Tricolor male


White factored

Jesse's pedigree


Jesse took 2nd Place in the Virtual Sheltie Show 5th Annual competition in the Rainbow Bridge Males class. . . So proud and happy of my boy!

Sadly, Jesse passed on to the Rainbow Bridge on September 27, 2000. He decided it was time to say goodbye at the ripe old age of 14 1/2 human years (the vet tells me this is much more like 100 or so doggie years).


Jesse was so very special to me as HE actually chose ME as his person, instead of the other way around. This was something I'd never experienced before and had the effect of moving me greatly when it came to anything with him.


I impatiently await the birth of his first grandchildren. I hope to find another sweet boy to take his place . . . and to choose me for his very own!


Rest well, my sweet boy. You will ever be remembered through the contributions you made while on this earth.


Please go see his daughters, Taylor and Missy while you're here. He also has grandpups and great grandpups living at Kry'San Shelties. More of them to come soon!