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As a small kennel, we don't breed very often. When we do, we place our puppies into the best homes we can find for both them and their families. Our philosophy is to match the temperament of the puppy with the temperament and needs of their potential new family. I strongly encourage members of my extended sheltie family to take their shelties to performance training and to compete in performance events. If you are interested in learning more of our puppy plans or would like for us to consider you as a potential home, please contact us at


Please note:  Much time is dedicated to thoroughly researching all breedings, performing testing on parents, and studying and making extended pedigrees available. Show puppies available occasionally. Pet puppies are accompanied by spay/neuter agreements while some may be spayed/neutered before going home. ALL shelties are accompanied by a written temperament and health guarantee. Any shelties offered here are provided to approved homes only.



Updated September 8, 2009


We have two litters planned for the next year. There is nothing available at this time.


Logan Isle The Sweet Escape will be bred to a sable dog which I've already chosen.


Logan Isle Brocade Breeches will be bred to a black dog.


Both girls will have all testing (CERF, OFA, VWD) completed before breeding.